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Evoluxion s.r.l. is a young company operating in the consumer electronics wholesale and retail market.
Despite being a young company actually leverages plurennials experience of its administrator and the competence of a highly skilled team.


Thanks to this wide and deep knowledge of the electronic market and thanks to the relevant role played in the past for renowned companies by its administrator and his team, this young reality is able to offer a vast assortment of electronic products at really competitive prices.

Our smart management makes possible to handle constantly an high level of demands and as well garantee high availability in our warehouse.
The partnership with selected partners allows us to deliver an excellent service about the sourcing of big quantities of goods with short notice.

Evoluxion s.r.l. has also a research laboratory constantly looking for new innovative products and new technological trends in order to support our customer in identifying new business opportunities. 


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Evoluxion S.r.l.

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